The game I played this week is Battle of Balls. The game takes the real-time interactive PK between players as the design purpose, and directly transforms the player’s operation into the game strategy through simple rules, so as to experience the fighting fun of intelligent collision. In this ball world, everyone incarnates as a unique ball. The big ball eats the small ball, and the only goal is to survive.

The goal of players is to try to eat the biggest ball. At the beginning of the game, the player appears at random on the map. The map is full of small colored beans. When the player eats the small colored beans, the volume will increase. When the size is larger than other people’s balls, he can eat other people’s balls. Of course, he has to avoid bigger balls. Small ball is fast, big ball is slow. When the ball reaches a certain weight, it can be divided into two equal sized balls. It can be divided again, but it can have up to 16 separate bodies.

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