Looking back on my process it seems like I forgot to write about the shift of the goal of the game. At first, it was mainly centered around building your own restaurant then it changed to destroying others. In the first draft of the game, I thought more about having combos and strategy. I then decided to add cards to hurt other players so the player could feel like they had more choice in the matter. As well as my love for those types of games that challenge friendships. However, after playtesting I realized that the rival cards were just as important as the marketing and without them, the game would just be counting and setting up combos. This shift is also seen with the scrapping of the location card and adding new more fun rival cards. The location card was originally to add more flavor to your own restaurant but then the shift changed. The players still like the idea of having creative freedom of their restaurant. The scoreboard to keep your score also has a place for naming your restaurant something funny but it wasn’t as important as I initially thought.

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