The relationship between Chess and math is very peculiar, first let’s talk about the easiest way to understand the connection. When we start learning to play chess, we must first learn to recognize each piece King, Queen, Rook, Bishop Knight, Pawn, just like we learn to know each number, and after learning it, we begin to learn how to use and how to play. A chessboard is like a math problem, King, Queen, Rook, Bishop Knight, Pawn, same as X, Y, Z, O, N, W. There are many solutions, and each step will bring you a result, these results will slowly lead you to the final answer, which is victory or defeat. The most important thing in chess, is how you going to play step by step, for example when we play with computer, it has three level hard, normal, and easy. The easy level is very simple, it never thinking about after you move one step, what result you will get, and what happened next. But it is easy to make mistakes, which leads to the final loss. But when you start thinking about the next step, and how to put next Chess, it means that you start thinking about starting to check the steps, which will reduce the possibility of losing. The best player I think is to guess opponent movement and decide how to go according to the probability of the next period.

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