I decided to create a zombie theme game, inspired by the situation we are in right now. It’s a very simple board game in which the story is about the Apocalypse that happens on earth. There are 4 houses for 4 players and 2 zombies. The player’s mission is to collect foods and weapons to fight the zombie. The action in the game is decided by dice and action cards.

The purpose of the game is to make all the humans turn into zombies or the humans kill all the zombies. It depends on which role you play. The map would have a chessboard pattern. Characters can move sideways, forward, and backward. They can’t go diagonally. The weapons are to fight and the foods to gain hp. Every time a zombie gets a human, they gain more power.

The concept of the game is a little controverial. I’m trying to create something differents in the game so It can be unique. Overall, this game is quiet challenging but I enjoy making it so far.

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