The Stress of Game Design

There’s a lot of stress in making a game that I just, blatantly and honestly, was not expecting. So many of the problems we’ve had completely blindsided me.


I knew balancing was hard, but why is it so difficult? I have no idea of how much gold the players need to buy things, so I don’t know how much to give them, and how difficult to make it for them to find gold. I don’t want the game to become tedious but I can’t think of a way that it doensn’t.

This is a big reason why I think we need to cut the wages. If you’re trying to save up, you’ll use all your money moving around the board that you were trying to save up to buy a big upgrade.

Also how do we balance the battles? The pirate king has to be harder than anything else in the game, but because it’s a randomized card game, there’s no way to create a progression in the difficulty of enemies. I think you’ll get to a point in the game where you just annihilate all other enemies, and I think I need to accept that as an aspect of the game.


There’s so many words. In order to have unique interactions and gameplay, as well as roleplaying and choice, there is a lot of writing and ideas that have to go into the cards and gameplay. And that’s difficult! I want to make a fun and interactive game, but creating the level of details and ideas is a challenge.


I’ve tried to stay organized on this project. But with the creation and subsequent destruction of ideas, the multitudes of documents, and long discord conversations, it’s no easy task. Not to mention the fact that my brain has been scattered for the past 2 months because of COVID and quarantine. It’s hard to stay focused and remember things.

My other problem is that I’m working on another, entirely separate board game for IMS 211. Not only does that take up so much of my time, but it only confuses me more. When I get scattered, I don’t know if the idea I had was for that game or this game. And being nervous about my grades for both games doesn’t help this problem.


I think I need to stay more focused and organized. We’re in the final stretch and we need to get less creative and more buckled down. While I was writing this, I had some new game ideas I can work on. I think we can do this!

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2 thoughts on “The Stress of Game Design

  1. Completely agree. The “coming up with ideas” portion of game design is a lot more fun than the “everything else” portion of game design. However, unless you’re the executive producer, you don’t get paid to come up with ideas! I felt many of the same emotions as you do when I was trying to diversify and balance my project. Sometimes you just have to chain yourself down and mash out finished items, even if they aren’t what you first envisioned.

  2. I totally agree!!!! I’m also working on two games, so sometime it’s confusing me if my ideas are come from this game or that game

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