The playtest process of the zombie game.

Me and Lily, we live in two different countries. She lives in Vietnam and I’m in America. Different timezone, very long distances, but we manage to have a meeting together virtually to playtest our game. We only have two players, so I was the zombie and she was the human. We used virtual dice from I didn’t really like it since we were playing a board game so I prefer using the real dice. We manage to move the characters to process the game with the virtual dice.

The game ended with no winner because there were so many flaws. So I added the troops to the game and we have cooker, fighter, and gunner in the human troop. In the zombie troop, we have healer, killer, and poisoner. Each of them have their own role just like the name suggested. The cooker and healer are for healing the team. The killer and fighter are for close combat. The gunner and poisoner are for distance combat.

There are some flaws because the action cards we had were not very clear. Some of them are too powerful but some are actually useless. The map is too big and it took too long for the players to encounter and had a fight. The foods and weapon are placed illogically. It leaded to no weapon when we were fighting and the foods were too hard to reach.

In general, I’m trying to improve my game overtime. I hope we can find a better way to playtest this game because playtest is very important in the game making process.

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