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Hey hey blog fans!  For today’s update, I wanted to talk about what I think of my game, and where I think it has the potential to go.

As a reminder, here’s what my game is (in a very summarized version):

In this fun game for the whole family, you, the potential home-modeler, are striving to construct the most valuable mansion.  Collect, then spend resources to build rooms and add them to your mansion, and the person with the most valuable mansion by the end is the winner!

Basically, my game is a simple one that could be played by many ages and many different types of players, and I like that it’s short and sweet.  It would also hopefully not cost that much to produce since it just requires cards and a box, and that is why I have envisioned expansions for it.

Right now, my game is full of your average house and/or mansion rooms, and those rooms can be built using standard resources, such as glass, cloth, and wood.  What I envision though, is many different expansion packs, themed after your favorite fantasy, sciency, and mythical worlds.  While players will love the standard mansion, once they’ve played with those rooms enough, they’ll want more.  This is when they purchase my affordable and enticing expansion packs that enable them to play the same game they love, but with new rooms and potentially also new resources.  This is also when this project could possibly turn into a money-making venture for me.

For the expansion themes, I envision quite a lot:

  • Witch’s Cottage Expansion: of course she’ll need a Potion Room, a Broom-Flying Courtyard, a Dungeon, a Cauldron Cellar, an Ingredient Closet (for eye of newt, obviously), and a Cave (for her bats, frogs, and cats)
  • Cruise Ship Expansion: for this one, I envision a Navigation Bridge, a Casino, the Sports Deck, a Theater, the Pool Deck, some Restaurants, a Spa, and different levels of luxury vs. base cabins.
  • Medieval Castle Expansion: in this version, you’d want to see the Armory, a Chapel, a Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s Chambers, the King’s Chambers, the Moat, the Kitchen, the Dining Hall, the Stables, the Lookout Tower, and the Gardens.
  • The Louvre Expansion: in this version, beyond new resources, you also get tools.  You may need a paint brush for the Mona Lisa, or gems and pliers for the Apollo Gallery Crowns.  You may need porcelain for the ceramic treasures, or wood and clay for the Egyptian Sarcophaguses.
  • Star Wars Expansion: For sci-fi lovers, I could see players building the Death Star, the Millenium Falcon, an X-Wing, Tie-Fighters, and even an AT-AT, in an attempt to have the best fleet of crafts.
  • Harry Potter Expansion:  This one is easy.  Players would love to build the Room of Requirement, the Potions Classroom, the Defense against the Dark Arts Room, the Great Hall, Harry’s dorm, the Herbology Greenhouse, Dumbledoor’s Office, Hagrid’s house, and the Quidditch Field, all in building up Hogwarts.

As you can see, there’s lots of room to grow here.  Basically any building (or building-like structure, or maybe not even a building) that you can envision could have its own expansion pack, and that’s what makes this game versatile and exciting.  None of these will probably ever be produced, but I think they’re fun and wanted to at least share them here.  Also logistically, I’m not sure if these would just introduce new cards to the original game and truly be an “expansion,” or if they would be new editions of the full game itself.  To be determined.  If you have anything to add though, or want to see an edition of your own added, comment below!  Bye for now!

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