Board game idea that our group Scrapped

So our group had many ideas from the start on games to make. We wanted to make a war game, a deck builder, but the main thing that stuck out to us that day was a weird concept. We thought of after a Dungeons and Dragons session about a one shot idea that we were the monsters who got looted and we were on a quest to get the treasure back. Then after talking about it we decided that we would turn it into a board game instead of a one shot campaign.

There were many genres and we were unsure what to put it in at first. What I thought up was how we could have 6 classes of monsters. each would be controlled by a player. Each class would have a different deck and they would contain battle cards, sly cards,and counter cards. There would be bosses aka humans that we would have do defeat and they would have stats to fight back including health, damage, and how many attacks they would have. The goal of the game would be to beat all of the bosses and have the most treasure at the end.

So this mechanic would require you to work with the other players to advance but you to try and get the most gold out of it since they are all greedy. We would have death make it so you lost some treasure and a new character could replace it with ease since they are low level monsters who are common. They would also lose their item treasures which would give stat boosts to beat bosses. If the team lost to a boss they would have a certain bad thing based on the boss. This would be similar to munchkins and the card formats though would be similar to like red dragon inn or dungeon mayhem. The classes were Kobold, Goblin, Rat Swarm, Ogre, Hags, and Kua Toa. It overall just seemed that we lost interest in the concept and had many things we needed to balance so we decided to put the game on hold. Also we were not that sure on the battle mechanics and we found something we were more passionate about so we went with that.

Kobold - Monsters - D&D Beyond
One of the main creatures we worked on for this game. Not my art.
SlugFest Games - RulesFest: The Second Rule of Sometimes
Red dragon inn cards to show how we were going to design the cards to look.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I think it is important to learn to let ideas go to pursue bigger or better ones that you’re more passionate about. Some people think because they came up with this and got so far that they need to stick with it but that’s not the case.

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