Dragon Riders Further detail on evolution

This post will be focused on the evolution mechanic of the game. The evolution mechanic is the main mechanic of this game to implement versatility and creativity for the players. Each round starts with a dragon egg. players can run a play set(3) of eggs, one on the field and two in the resource deck. Each card has listed conditions that allow it to evolve from the resources given to the dragon and possibly a certain amount of turns. As the dragon evolves it gains abilities. In lower stages these abilities are only passive to help enhance the evolution process or to protect it if needed. In higher stages come the active abilities which damage your opponent’s dragon and resources as well as manipulate the field. Depending on the strength of the ability some of the more powerful abilities will be once per turn and possibly if you get a max evolution make a catastrophic once per game ability. Running back to having eggs in your resource deck, if you do draw an egg you are able to play it allowing for a player to have multiple dragons but the downside would be requiring more resources( this is recommended to be done once the first dragon is close to fully evolved). As your dragon does evolve some of the middle stages will have multiple sets of requirements depending on which one you complete will determine the direction you plan for your dragon to grow, allowing for diverse game play to keep each game fresh and innovative for the players.

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  1. I really like this mechanic of evolving your dragons. The way the the evolution mechanic incentives players to focus first on evolving their dragon before focusing on dealing damage to opponents reminds me of many games that would have a sort of preparatory phase of the game where you build up your units or something similar before later on moving on to the battle phase later in the game. I think this is nice since this mechanic causes players to think early in the game mainly on what is better for evolving their dragons in your game and having a dragon strong enough before they shift their main thoughts later in the game to strategic thoughts on how to deal damage to the opponent’s dragon while also possibly evolving up a second dragon. A game this mechanic reminds me a lot about when I read about your evolution mechanic is hearthstone battlegrounds. It isn’t very similar overall, but it has a mechanic where every turn you buy, and play minions, during a buy phase, and then go into a battle phase against one of 7 players. The minions offered in the taven as it is called have a tier and you can spend the same currency you use to buy minions to upgrade the tavern, which allows you to get minions of a higher tier which are better, but many times the amount it costs to upgrade the tavern means you won’t be able to buy any minions, which means most of the time that you cannot play new minions and/or buff your current minions if you choose to upgrade the tavern, so to not fall behind, you have to have strong enough minions so you will be fine even if you sacrifice a turn in order to upgrade the tavern while your opponent may have chosen to buff their minions instead of upgrading.

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