Dragon Rider Advertisement

This post will be discussing advertisements for my game. This topic should be influenced by the demographic that I had mentioned in a previous post. The main area I think to place ads for the game is on streaming platforms or on YouTube for those are the two most prominent areas that people of the ages 12-14 usually consume their content. Another thing that could be done is release a virtual version of the game on Steam or as its own browser. 

The game can either be free with a card pack opening mechanic that can be purchased or be a full priced game with card opening still being a thing with in game currency. Seeing how people react to micro transactions I am likely going to suggest the later option. Either way it is a good way to grab people’s attention. The main focus will be on development of the physical version and if that goes well initially an online version can be developed. If it goes poorly on release the focus would be to take player feedback while implementing concepts that have been learned to smooth out the rough areas and perfect it as best as possible.

Dungeons and Dragons Lore : Gold and Silver Dragons - YouTube

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