Week 14 – Iterative Play-Testing

Additional Rules added:

  • Players can take notes of the questions thus far
  • Players can only ask one question per turn
  • Players can only ask a “Are you ___” on their turn

Player-tester thought the game was enjoyable and wanted to play another round (note: the player has never played the original ‘Guess Who?’). We passed around the character sheet, which was a bit tedious. As we continued to play the game, players deviated from relying on the picture and started using the description to narrow down options.

The character sheet was not laminated, so players were unable to make notes directly on it.
The typical first question was whether they were male, which made the gender-fluid and non-binary characters especially interesting. If a player had these characters, they could say no to both male or female questions. This is beneficial to the players with the character and a challenge to those without. It was something players had to keep in mind at all times.
The play-tester also learned what gender-fluid and non-binary means.

It would have been nice to have more possible characters. During further play-testing, I added back in the occupation and I realize it was no problem at all. I just wasn’t thinking about the game incorrectly.

One thought on “Week 14 – Iterative Play-Testing

  1. I love this concept for the game, and I think it’s summed up in the fact that your play tester learned what the terms nonbinary and genderfluid mean BECAUSE of your game. I love the diversity in this, and I like the ability it has to really teach the world a lot about the people around them. Also the character designs are really nice! Great work!!

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