Week 13 – Focused Play-Testing

My game: a parody of ‘Guess Who?’ with a much larger number of characters with additional characteristics.

I decided to keep the names because that is the best way to identify if you got the right character. I also found the goal to make over 50 different characters to not be realistic for the time allotted. This creates the problem of having less diversity between all the characters

I made the text bigger and bolder so that it can be easier to read. Because there was less space, I also abbreviated the categories and removed middle names.

The rules I decided to add for this round of play-testing:
– Players cannot ask questions about the character’s name unless it is to ask ` “Are you ______?”
– The player who guesses correctly first ‘wins’

While there are still less than 50 characters:
– Players cannot ask about occupation directly

The character faces are made with this website: https://avatarmaker.com/

The Randomizers I uses to make the names, occupation, etc.: https://www.behindthename.com/random/

To do editing I used Krita and Paint 3D

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