Week 12 – Rough Play-Testing

My game: a parody of ‘Guess Who?’ with a much larger number of characters with additional characteristics.

I had a family member play-test my game several times through and found that some questions made the game too easy or not as fun. I need to establish rules that would prevent players from asking questions like this.
I initially thought that a rule saying they could ask “Do they have..” questions, but I was shown the loophole like “Do they have the first name ‘Mary’?”, which would make it too pinpointed.

Something I might do is remove the name category because each character would have a unique name, while the other characteristics could be shared.

I would also need to be sure that there is an even balance of the characteristic among the group. For example, there shouldn’t be only one psychologist or sunglasses.

The Idea of having a card for each character and a sheet of all the characters that the player could look at, still seems like it work work. I did find that the words on the sheet were hard to read, so that is something I will have to fix.

One thought on “Week 12 – Rough Play-Testing

  1. I love the art! I do agree that the words are a bit hard to read as well as the bottom of the card seems a bit bland. Maybe have an outer edge to the card? Or some color or an icon depending on their occupation.

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