This week we worked on the design and logistics of the game board and ended up changing a lot of it. The first thing we changed was the shape of the board from units from hexagons to squares. When playtesting, it was difficult to know which direction to move a piece with the hexagonal board. Even though the hexagons looked really cool, we changed the board to squares to be easier to understand and play through.

The green squares on either side mark where each team starts and the green square in the center marks the end game spot. We also planned out the possible locations and distributions of power-ups, research points, and reinforcement squares. We added blocked squares to the board to make the path to the center more interesting and make it take longer to reach.

We also decided to limit the starting roster to 1 healer, 1 researcher, and 1 queen/pharaoh and added the reinforcement squares to allow for more troops to be added to each team later in the game. These changes will hopefully make the game more interesting and create more room for strategy, while also increasing the play time.

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One thought on “Board Re-Work

  1. The board still looks really cool, even if the shapes are a bit simpler! I think this is a cool idea for a game, and I’m glad that your playtesting is helping you to refine the game and figure out how to make it even better. I’m excited to see more!

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