Rules for Sea Dogs

I’m working on the rule book for the game, and I think it’s going well. I’m usually pretty good at explaining things, but because most of the “hey do this now” info is on the cards, I don’t want to repeat too much information. The order of things is complex.

Flavor Text

Let me show you what I have for the flavor text.

Hoist the colors and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Sea Dogs! Play as a famous female pirate from history as you battle, pillage, and steal yer heart out! Upgrade your ship and crew to battle and become the infamous Pirate King!

This is what I have so far. I’m thinking about adding another sentence, but I want it to be short and sweet. The game is complex and I don’t think the opening lines need to be. When you get down to the bones of the operation, it really is just playing as a pirate and doing tasks until you choose to defeat the pirate king.

It’s really important to me that I keep in some kind of indicator that you are playing as a famous female pirate from history. That’s one of the things I really like about the game is that you are learning about history and women’s roles while playing. Including that information is really cool. I’m just wondering if I can word it better…

The rest

I’ve got everything in a weird order.

  • Rounds
  • Ship Upgrades
  • Gaining Crew
  • Wages
  • How to get Gold
  • Your Captain
  • The Pirate King

I think it makes sense to have the Pirate King at the bottom since he is the last task you have in the game, really. I wrote everything down with the order it’s arranged in my mind but that’s not the progression of the game. I should probably telly people how to get resources before I tell them what to do with the resources. I’m also going to add an FAQ section for things that might be a little unclear because of how I wrote them.

Next Steps

Once I get everything into an order that I like that makes sense, I’ll try to post the whole rule book for anyone interested. Right now I really need to focus on making the cards and what they’re going to say but it’s overwhelming when I’m single-handedly making another card and board based game for another class. We’ll have some art done soon, so check Liv’s upcoming posts for that!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and doing well on their games.

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One thought on “Rules for Sea Dogs

  1. This sounds cool! The only thing I noticed right off the bat though is that you’re a famous female pirate from history, but then you become a King? Maybe it would be more intuitive to say that you “defeat the Pirate King” or “become the Pirate Queen.” Other than that though, I think it certainly grabs your attention and seems fun to play!

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