Ben and I implemented all of the game mechanics we added as illustrator assets and then moved them into TableTop Simulator. Then we game tested it and came up with some changes to fix. Here are some screenshots and summaries of what’s in them.

This is the big illustrator file we are working on. The quality is not so great. If you’d like to know what is on the cards, it is all documented in my last post in our excel sheet.

Here are the assets placed into TTS. We ended up shrinking them down to fit the size of the board.

Here is the log we made when play testing this iteration. In summary, the game became more enjoyable, but longer. We intend to pick up the pace of the game to be between 30min – 1h. We will do this by making tools, boosts, and gold more accessible so that there are more (quantity) interesting turns and a faster paced game.

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One thought on “Game Iteration 5

  1. This is great progress! I had to laugh though because my family members were the only ones who helped me play test, and if I had put them through a 90 minute game, I think they would’ve killed me. Overall though, I think the theming is interesting and 45 minutes is a great goal time, so keep up the good work!

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