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Hi again blog fans.  As you may already know, my game is nearing its final (at least for this class) stages, and now I’m moving onto the design/artsy aspects of the game.  If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’re aware that this is my least favorite thing, and not where my talents lie.  That’s ok though, because if this was really going to be produced, I’d have a guy (or girl) for that.  Because of this, here’s some inspiration artwork that I like (with link sources), and would want to potentially implement in my instructions, on the game box, or on the cards.

So these first two are overall mansion artworks that I took from pinterest, and I think I like the style of the first one the best.  In a perfect world though, it would focus more on the mansion itself and less on the garden in front.

Following these, then, are the artworks I’ve sort of imagined for some of my Resource Cards (Wood, Cloth, Greenery, Metal).|&mediapopup=115702264

Then finally, these are some symbols/artworks I’d want on my Room Cards (Bathroom, Kitchen, Stables, Wine Cellar).

So obviously I can’t draw these on my own (again, if you’ve seen the cardstock cards I’m currently playing with, you know that).  I do have a decent vision of what I would want to see though, and I think that helps.  Maybe in the future I could put this game on kickstarter, and if that ever happens, maybe I’d get an artist who wants to help me.  Who knows though!  I’m just excited to see where this goes, and at least for this week, more complete card designs will be on their way.  Bye for now!

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