Laureate Playtest #2

Today, I playtested my game again with some revised rules and cards.

A playtester in deep concentration

The game was modified to have 7 rounds, cheaper resource cards, and rules that facilitated easier trade. Some of the blueprint cards were also rebalanced.

This time around, the game was much shorter (about 30 minutes, which was the close to the target time), but the players still felt that they didn’t have enough control over their builds. To alleviate this, I plan on adding two new mechanics: free resource cards, and free blueprint cards. I plan on giving each player one random resource card per turn (from the top of the resource deck). This should allow players to spend less of their funding on chasing resource cards. It also might give players cards that they don’t need. I think this is a good thing, because it encourages either A) trade between players, or B) adaptation of their build. This should also increase the quality of ships overall. I also plan on giving players one free blueprint card on every odd-numbered turn. The effect of this mechanic should be similar to the effect of the free resource cards, but weighed more heavily towards encouraging player adaptation. Overall, I want players to not feel confined by luck when they make their builds, so I want to give them free cards as a way to allow them to make decisions throughout the game.

Some other changes I might make involve the power level of specific blueprint cards. Certain cards felt a little too strong, and other felt too weak, so I will make some minute adjustments. This is a fairly expected outcome of the playtest.

Finally, I am considering scrapping the idea of the infrastructure mechanic entirely in favor of making the resource deck more interesting. The playtesters brought up potential mechanics such as multi-colored resource cards, double resource cards, and free rerolls, all of which I will consider in future iterations of the game.

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One thought on “Laureate Playtest #2

  1. I really like the mechanic of free cards. I start my game with that, and considered adding that in on other turns as well. My suggestion would be if you do the free blueprint card on odd-numbered turns, make sure the players have a good way to keep track of that. It might be hard to remember which turns are odd and they may forget to do that action otherwise (and I haven’t read all of your posts, so if there’s already a plan for that, ignore this). Overall, it looks like you’re making great progress though and I look forward to seeing more!

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