This is a post that will be going over my second deck list. I have most of the card art done for this deck list so there will be a lot less text on this post and more pictures. To start this off I’m going to highlight the main differences between this deck and the other deck. For the most part, the gadgets are completely the same, except the egg incubator card is replaced with the Advanced Time Beast Searcher. The Advanced Time Beast Searcher allows you to search for two Time Beasts for the price of 2 Time. Other than that there the amount of the gadgets are the same. Now to the biggest change which are the Time Beasts.

I’ll start with the highlight of the deck which is the Timeger line.

Cub Timeger Card
The card text is easier to read in its full size, but for the sake of the length of this post I’ve shrunk it down.

Cub Timeger is a rather basic Time Beast, but when it transforms into Timeger it becomes extremely powerful.

Timeger Card

Timeger has a very strong attack dealing 170 dmg and its second attack is fairly strong as well and is a good second option if you don’t have the time to use the Time-Shattering Roar attack. On the higher end for health in the game, but not the highest.

Next we have the Minnute line.

Minnute Card

Minnute is a very weak Time Beast, but if you can manage to get it to transform it becomes a very good spread damager.

Minnute Swarm Card

Minnute Swarm is one of the best cards in the game. It has a very high health at 180, a cheap attack that you can aim and a great spread damage move. However, because of how much of a pain it can be to get out of the deck and onto the field, it doesn’t become as overpowered as it could be.

Gorillhour Card

Gorillhour was a very controversial card in my game for a while. At first this was handsdown the best card. Dual Punch originally did 80 to 2 opponents, and when combined with the ability to have multiple of these things on your team, it was just too good. I took down the damage it dealt down to 50 and found that it stayed a solid card, but it definitely had a role change. Instead of an all game sweeper it became a late-game card, as being able to use its best attack for free makes it great.

Sasqwatch card

Overall, this card has one purpose, to soak up damage. Its massive 200 health allows it to take multiple hits and makes it a great buffer to stop the enemy from taking quick knockouts. The last card hasn’t been finished yet, and it is Orangutime. It has a health of 120, a first attack of slap, which for the cost of 1 time does 40 damage. Its second attack, called Orangu-Rewind, which for a cost of 2 time does 20 damage and allows you to put a card from your discard pile into your hand. It is a rather weak card, but it has its uses.

Orangutime Card

Orangutime is mostly useful for just getting out cards that you discard that you want to use again, such as the draw cards and other things of that nature.

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