Countdown Quest Log 5

Refining from Previous Playtesting

I’ve been working on re-balancing the enemy stats. Typically, this means giving them higher defense and health, but only a little bit. These are, after all, intentionally low-level entries for a Level 1 quest used to introduce players to the game.

I’ve figured out a pretty good metric for a basic consequence that will occur if a quest is failed. I’m working on a stat that’s like a character’s/party’s renown and reputation. If they fail to save a town from whatever was lying in wait in the dungeon or whatever, that town isn’t going to trust them very much. As the reputation stat increases, rewards will increase and there will be more opportunities for the party in the area. As the reputation stat decreases, the area will lose trust in the party and potentially become hostile towards them. Currently making and refining a chart for the rulebook to help explain this in a bit more detail, and will likely make another post talking about it soon.

Also planning the refining version of the rulebook, but I have to finish adding and revising all of the details before I can really get started on that. Luckily, I think I’m almost there.

Planning for Multiple Players

Setting up a minor dungeon to do a multiple-player playtest. These means more enemies, which will also help me continue to balance enemy stats. After all, they can’t be too difficult for a single character to defeat, but they also can’t be too easy that a small party could just like… absolutely destroy them in a single round.

Also have to iron out some Treasure. Treasure is just an extra reward that players get from exploring an area, solving puzzles, or defeating special enemies. Sometimes these treasures can be used, be it in combat or just in general, to provide some advantage (or disadvantage in some cases). Sometimes, however, they’re just used to help the characters get some money so they can buy new equipment! Or they can just… like hoard it if they want. Pretty much whatever, really.

Current Things I’m Working On

  • Work on physical pieces continues. I’m thinking about painting the final versions with watercolor, cutting out the pieces, and then putting them in little stands so you can use them on a board to play.
  • Refining the Treasure list.
  • Refining the Reputation chart.
  • Finalizing the multiple-player playtest for this weekend/early next week.
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2 thoughts on “Countdown Quest Log 5

  1. Your game sounds cool. I like that you have a reputation statistic to hold players accountable for their actions or failures. It raises the stakes and can make a game more fun. I definitely agree that is it difficult to make a game balanced when you have a lot of variables. I’m still working on that part of my game. I think the best way to keep it balanced is to playtest multiple times and wait for an imbalanced mechanic to become more obvious through multiple playthroughs.

  2. Your reputation system sounds really cool and would like to play through it some time. Balancing encounters can defiantly be hard. I know D&D tries to combat this by making the number of a particular enemy proportional to the amount of players and their levels. Personally, I find it confusing and a lot of the time the side with the most amount of turns have the advantage. That doesn’t mean this method is a bad thing, but I don’t think it would hurt it much to have some more simplicity. I don’t know much about how your game actually runs to offer any advice, but hopefully my ramblings are good to refection on. Good luck, Madison. I look forward to hopefully seeing everything you have made next semester.

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