Ancient Alien Invasion Progress Update

Since the last post, we’ve worked on specifying and finalizing many aspects of our game. We added a rules section and a gameplay explanation, as well as more details to the game mechanics. I also started working on the game board design as well as creating some concept art for the final game pieces and board. 

For the rules, we decided to focus on a turn-based game with a strategy phase and a battle phase with different types of characters having different abilities for each phase. There are three types of characters with slightly different titles depending on which team you play on. The chart below shows the character-specific movement and abilities.

SoldierSoldier5 spaces (Back, L, R, Forward)-Fight
ScientistEngineer4 spaces (Diagonal)-Research
ServantPriest3 spaces (any direction)-Heal
QueenPharaoh2 spaces (any direction)Resurrect / Assimilate

Scientists and engineers have the ability to collect and use research points. These points go towards upgrades to weapons, repairing the game-ending ancient weapon at the center of the board, as well as other abilities. Servants and priests have the ability to heal other players on the board. We also came up with some interesting abilities for the Pharaoh and Alien Queen. The pharaoh has the ability to resurrect fallen soldiers while the Queen has the ability to assimilate enemy players to her side.

There are research points and power-ups scattered evenly across the board. If a player lands on a power-up spot, they draw one of 20 power-up cards and can choose to use it later on any player. Powers ups include abilities like attack up, defense up, or a shield that blocks an attack on the upcoming turn.

We still have to play test it to see how the game works when in action. We might consider adding obstacles to the map so that it takes the player longer to reach the center. The board size is not final either. We also have to work on balancing each character’s abilities and power ups. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear it.

Here is some of the concept art for the board and player pieces:

Game art draft
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