Mansion Expansion, Last (?) Play Testing

Hello again blog fans.  Today was productive!  I think my game is finally fairly complete, at least for this stage in its life, and I’m happy with the result.  Today I tested again with 2 players, and then with 3 players, and these are the changes I made before those tests:

  • Changes Round 2:
    • Added reference list to instructions only
    • Added 1 Wood and 1 Tile Card, Eliminated 1 Cloth
    • Specified who goes first
    • Added rule that you can’t go above max room #

For the two tests, then, these were the comments:

Third Play Test – 2 players, mom vs brother

  • Notes:
    • Took roughly 21 min to play
    • Ending Scores: 57 to 58
  • My Observations:
    • Need to potentially have a way to break ties
    • New potential rule: 1 extra point at end for every 3 leftover Resource Cards
  • Their feedback:
    • Hard time finding cloth (mom)
    • Cloth was fine, hard time with tile (ryan)
    • Really like the garage
      • Apparently it’s cute? What does that even mean? lol

Fourth Play Test – 3 players, mom vs brother vs me

  • Notes:
    • Took roughly 21 min to play
    • Ending Scores: 40 to 41 to 46
  • My Observations:
    • Set-up only takes a couple minutes, that’s good
    • Going to put 1 Cloth back in… smh
  • Their feedback:
    • “Still a good filler game”
    • Liked it better with three players
    • Like the rule about leftover Resource Cards

After this play session, I was able to make a few more minor changes, and now I think it’s ready!

  • Changes Round 3:
    • New Rule: 1 extra point for each set of 3 leftover Resource Cards in hand at end of game (easy add-on, I think it will reward people who couldn’t spend their leftover cards)
    • Added 1 Cloth back in
    • Added tie-breaker rule

Overall I’m really happy with the result, and think it’s a really solid prototype that families could be happy playing in their home.  Plus, now that the play testing is fairly complete and we know that it functions well, I’ll be able to make significant progress on the instruction manual, the actual design of the cards (recall that they are currently ugly), and I have more freedom to brainstorm future expansions or extra rules.  Looking forward to all of this, and will keep you all updated.

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