A Card Making Technique and Last Weekend’s Game Jam

A selection of the character cards I am able to make using datasets.

I learn something new each game jam I participate in. This past weekend the Miami Game Design Club hosted an online game jam. While I did not participate in the theme, which was “fast asleep,” as I opted to spend the time working on my card game for class, I learned some useful information nonetheless. Most of what I learn during these events are from gathering advice from other people. Though criticism can be hard to take, it can also be rewarding if the feedback offers a ways of improvement. This past weekend I focused on making card art, and while I am by no means done, the technique I learned during the event is defiantly helping me save time. The club’s president gave me the advice to try using datasets in Photoshop. The fundamental principle is that you can use an excel spreadsheet to create multiple cards from one template. He said it can take a little effort to set up, but the end result would be more uniform cards that can be more easily edited. He didn’t have any time to show me, but his tip was enough to point me in the right direction. One video on YouTube really helped me to set it up, so I wanted to share it with anyone else who could use the knowledge for their game. For the other games that actually followed the theme, here is a link to the itch.io page. I highly recommend you check them out as it is truly amazing the amount that each group was able to accomplish in 30 hours.


3 thoughts on “A Card Making Technique and Last Weekend’s Game Jam

  1. Hi Evan, I’m glad that you made progress on your game design! Why not post some of your card design to give others more idea, just a suggestion. btw, Thank you for post the link to help us improve the game design.

  2. Hello Evan and thank you so much for this! I was wondering if there was an easy way to change card designs if I end up changing my mind about the theme or just want to edit the card.

  3. I really like your card art! The photoshop tutorial seems super interesting and I would definitely use it for my own cards if they had a lot of complicated information on them.

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