For this post I wanted to go over one of the two decks I have created so far. This deck list is just temporary and nothing is final yet, but this is the general list I have been trying with. So to start it off, I’ll be goin over the Time Beasts in the list. If a creature has 120 health or higher they take away two time when knocked out. If a creature has two attacks, the second, more expensive attack can be aimed.

The first line of Time Beasts is the Clockodile line. Clockodile transforms from the Clockodile Egg. The Clockodile Egg has a health of 60 and an attack called Egg Roll, that does 40 dmg for a time cost of 1. It also takes one turn until it can transform. Clockodile has a health of 170. It has two moves, Bite and Time Crunch. Bite does 70 dmg for a cost of 1 Time and Time Crunch which does 120 dmg for a cost of 2 time. The second line of Time Beasts in this deck is the Serpentime line. There is the Serpentime Egg, which has a health of 50, an attack also called Egg Roll that does 40 for a cost of 1 time and it takes one turn until it can transform. Serpentime has a health of 110 and has two attacks. Wrap does 50 damage and costs 1 time, while Venomous Bite does 90 dmg and Costs 2 time. The next Time Beast is Orclock with a health of 120. He has two attacks, the first which is Chomp and it does 60 dmg for a cost of 1. His second attack is Crushing flip and it does 100 dmg for a cost of 2. Tick and Tock are the next Time Beast and it has a health of 100. It’s first attack is dual hit and it does 20 damage to 2 opponents for a cost of 1. The second attack is blood suck, it costs two time and it does 30 damage to 2 opponents and it heals 50 damage from itself. The last time beast in this deck is Time-Rex. It has a health of 180 and it’s first attack is Resolve-Wrecking Roar. The attack does 90 damage for a cost of two. It’s second attack is Bite of Death and it does 150 damage for a cost of 3. That is the full list of creatures and there are 4 of each creature in this deck.

Now onto the gadgets. The gadgets in each deck aren’t super unique and that is an area that I’m looking to improve. The Draw Gadgets in the deck are Time Reset, Time Manipulation and Fast Forward. Time Reset allows you to discard your hand and draw 7 cards for a cost of 3. Time Manipulation makes both players shuffle their hand into their deck and draw 5 cards for a cost of 4. Fast Forward allows you to draw 3 cards for a cost of 2 time. There are 2 of each in the deck. The rest of the cards are normal Gadgets. There are 3 Time Beast searchers in the deck, which for a cost of 1 allow you to search for any creature and put it in your hand. The remaining gadgets are gadget finder, Time Beast Recycler, Gadget Recycler and Egg Incubator. Gadget Finder for a cost of 1 allows you to search for any gadget. Time Beast Recycler for a cost of two allows you to search your discard for 2 time beasts and put them back into your hand. Gadget Recycler is the same as Time Beast Recycler but it applies to gadgets. Egg Incubator for a cost of one allows you to search your deck for 2 eggs and put them into you hand. This is the card I’m looking to change right now as there is really no benefit to using this over the Time Beast Searcher, other than getting an extra Time Beast out.

Fast Forward
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