After last week’s rough design and play testing´╝îI focused this week on finding bugs in rules and game card skills and fixing them. After constant testing, I found some errors, such as the direction of the player’s movement at the fork in the road, too few cards with attack ability, the game cards not enough to use a round of game time, the direction card was changed to destroy cards. After finding these problems, I improved the game’s rule book. Today I invited my friends to my home. Everyone had different schedules, so we only had one round of play- testing. The time is about half an hour. My friends enjoyed the game, especially during the conflict, when the players met. Players get excited when they grab each other’s health, so they try to chase each other. This is a good part. But I found a problem with the fork in the road; the board has many forks, each fork in the way to choose some cards is a complex action. So in the following revision, I need to think about the solution to this problem. I will continue to test the game and improve the visual aesthetic of the board and cards.

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