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Extreme Survival

Game Introduction

This is a survival game between people and zombies. In this world, there is a sudden outbreak of a virus, and the virus is contagious. Zombies appear because of the spread of the virus. Humans can become zombies or die if they are infected. Zombies are also the vectors of the virus, and if attacked by zombies, humans will mutate. In order to survive, humans need to fight zombies and become survivors.

Game Components

  • Identity Pieces: 2 Human & 2 Zombie
  • 8 HP Cards: 2 HP for each player
  • 44 Game Cards
  • 1 Dice
  • 4 Number Cards

Victory Conditions

  • Human: Kill all zombies
  • Zombie: Kill all the humans

Once a group of players wins, the game is over

Starting the Game

The identity of the player is determined by rock, paper, scissors, winner choose the identity card first. Each player will have two game cards (“Gun” and “Shield”) and the special skill cards at the beginning of the game (“Virus” and “destroy”). Roll a die to see who goes first, the higher roller goes first, and play proceeds clockwise direction.

Humans and Zombies Turn: Roll a die and move that many spaces. Each players can only keep max 3 cards on hands, when they are done moving, players may play one card from  their hand if they wish. To end their turn, and must draw a cards until they have three.

Attack & Defense

  • The player can only attack the player closest them. Except, zombie can use “Virus” to attack any player.
  • If the player roll a die and go to “jail”, none can attack The round continues without the player .
  • If the player in the Shelter, players can avoid being attacked

Game Board Spaces

  • Jail: Player will skip one turn, on one can attack the player if he or she is in the jail.
  • Camping: All survivors start the game here.
  • Shelter: safe place, players can protect themselves at shelter
  • Blank Space: If Human and Zombie stand on the same blank space or meet each other, Both of them will take one HP from themselves, place it together on top of the game board, and both player try to take the HP, whoever get the card faster, add one HP, other lose one.

Rules & Cards Instruction


There are four number cards and they are 1, 2, 3, 4. The number 1-4 will be marked on the game board at each intersection, when the player is at the intersection on game board, they will randomly choose a card and go to that direction.

  • GUN CARD X 8

At the beginning of the game, each player will have one gun card, and they can use it to attack the other player. The remaining four gun cards are placed in the game card pile waiting for the player to draw


At the beginning of the game, each player will have one shield card. Player can use it to protect themselves when others use “Gun”


Two “Virus” for each zombie player, when zombie play “virus”, he or she can attack the closest human, human must put one HP in the middle of the game board, then zombie will try to grab it, human must protect HP, if not, human lose one HP and zombie add one. This card does not count in to the limit 3 cards.


The players will get it when they draw cards in the game, and get one HP.  Player only use the resurgence card to themselves.


The player will get it when they draw cards in the game. This card could be any types card depend on player.


The player has another change to roll the dice again and move that many space. Player can only use one time on he or she’s turn.


The player can transfer card to others when they get attack (EX if human use gun to zombie, and zombie only has one HP left with no shield on hand, then he or she can transfer it to any player)


The game only has four jail card and players can only get it when they draw cards in the game. The owner decide which jail he or she will go to and only use it to enemy team. If the player in the jail then her or she will not be harmed.

  • HP CARD X 4

One HP card for each player, and two HP on each card.


Human can use it to random invalid one of the zombie’s cards, put it to discard pile.


  •  Two human mini models
  • Two zombie mini models

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  1. I really like the combat in this game. I love team-based games and games where your friends threaten to not be your friend by the end of it. I do have a question about the shelter though. Is a player always safe in the shelter or is there just a higher chance of them not getting attacked? I also like the transfer card it feels good to not only help your teammate win by doing good but actively helping them out when they’re in a pickle. Good work so far!

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