Each player starts with 5 marketing cards, 2 rival cards, and one attribute. There are 4 weeks in a month and 6 months in the whole game. In a week there are three phases: Marketing, Rival, and Income. Marketing is where you draw a marketing card and can place down one card from your hand to your bench. Rival is when you draw a rival card and can play one rival card from your hand onto a player of your choosing, only if that player has not already had 2 rival cards played on them. Then there is the income phase where you total everything up and write down you income for the week. Remember at the beginning of each month you draw a new attribute card which affects you for the whole month. 

The Bench rules

You can have a total of 12 cards on your bench. You can have a total one 3 same color cards (a combo) on your bench at a time. If you want to place down a colored card when you already have 3 on your bench you can choose to destroy that combo and place down that card. If you have a combo you take the total of those three cards and double it, there is a card that comes with the game of all the combos. 

Calculating Income

You first take count of everything on your bench, make sure to double your combos. Then you apply your attribute card for that month. Then you apply any rival cards played on you that week. 


So I had four of my friends playtest the game. The game is supposed to be 4-6 players. My sister Madison already playtested the night before with me explaining some of the rules and we changed a few things but none of the actual cards. Later I will explain all the changes made because of playtesting. So I had four close friends play with Madison explaining the rules as the friends at first being uninterested and confused. However, after a few rounds, they picked it up quickly due to Madison and would target each other just like I planned. They even laughed and would speculate what other players strategies might be as well as joking around. However, something I didn’t expect was for them to all play defensively; they didn’t play a lot of their higher cards for fear of someone stealing it or swapping benches with them. I also noticed that sometimes they didn’t want to attack another player each rival phase and wanted to have cards that could help them so they weren’t constantly making enemies. While the game did go smoothly there were a few bumps in the road mainly the uselessness of some of the cards like the “show a players hand” card since it didn’t really help the person who played the card only the other players. Another thing was the lowest number card was very annoying and people just had their hands filled with useless lower cards while waiting for bigger ones. The attribute cards were interesting and the players liked most of them except for the lower add and subtract from your income cards as well as pay the other player cards. They did get excited when they could destroy another player or get back at them for attacking them as well as getting combos and raising their overall income. 

Changes to Cards

We decided to change the “reveal a player’s hand” to “reveal a player’s hand and steal a card” or “reveal a player’s hand and make the discard a card.” As well as changing the “make a player discard a marketing card” to make them discard the highest marketing card they have.  We also decided to add more combo cards such as “send a players combo on their bench back to their hand”. We also made a “swap one card on the bench with another player”

Add new Mechanics

Because of the abundance of 1$ marketing cards in the deck and how they become unless near the end of the game we decided to make a trade-in system. If you have three 1$ cards you can get one 2$ card. If you have six 1$ cards you can get one 5$ card. We also decided that at the last month of the game its a free for all you can either place down one card normally, replace a card in a combo with one in your hand, or destroy a combo on your bench and place down a new one in your hand.

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One thought on “Week 13

  1. This game looks really cool already! I’m glad your playtesting gave you an opportunity to polish the cards and mechanics (and I’m glad your friends enjoyed it! That’s what games are all about!). I’m excited to see how you connect the mechanics to the lore of the game, and add flavor text and a story! Overall the game looks really polished and I’m excited to see your next steps with it!

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