Week 13 (Playtest Notes)

These are the raw notes I took while they were playtesting. Warning they are very sloppy however I thought it would be interesting to share in case I forgot anything in the last post. I also thought it would be interesting to see my mindset while playing and observing how the players felt.







M already knows the game and is showing people it and helping them. They seem not that excited, more confused at first but it is only the second turn. K says it’s like Monopoly and it’s scary cause she’s bad at these games. L is having fun with the rival cards and is getting back at players who attacked him. L is mad at K for targeting him. S is very indifferent. L was happy because he had a combo. They’re all friends so it’s easier to make fun of each other and insult each other when playing rival cards. This game is supposed to be about conflict and hurting each other. L stole S combo then S took L bench and laughed and loved the comeback there. M stole K combo then K destroyed her income for the week they love the conflict and hurting each other. They seem to be having some fun and laughing at each other’s misfortune. L says he’s being bullied and also likes their attribute cards when they win it hits hard and they like it.  S said that instead of having a card hand limit just put all your extra 1s on the side so if you’re desperate then you can grab them. M didn’t play any rival cards and the other players didn’t know you could do that. K attacked M because she was still mad about the earlier stuff. They are getting more and more excited about their money and if it’s getting higher or lower. They like seeing their income and stuff since M exclaimed that S now had two combos. L then attacked S and got rid of one of his marketing cards on his bench to destroy his combo. L explained that he is happy because of his increasing income. L was confused because of K attribute card and S then explained the difference between them so it makes me feel like it is built well enough to understand and have new players get the difference between cards. They get excited and speculate why other players do certain rival cards or don’t place down a card that turn. S gave me advice about some redundant rival cards and marking cards. S is building an empire while everyone else is closer but not as good. Also when it was just me and M we build up a lot more combos while with four players it’s more even and not as big of a build-up or they simply got bad cards. Unlike the one with M they are holding off playing their bigger cards for fear of others stealing them that’s why the numbers are so much smaller. K took M’s hand and she had one of the best cards then L took Ks hand and everyone laughed and L is very happy. They don’t like how many cards they have in their hand it is hard to look through them. Conflict between M playing steal players’ income on K and K playing steal half a player’s income on M, big fight between players and me on how those cards are calculated. Ended up calculating income from marking and attribute then swapping then taking half. Players advised me to make a special place in the rules to explain these clashes. They also asked if you could play the same card someone played on you. (ex. Swap income. Would it swap back?)

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