Countdown Quest Log 4

Playtesting Report

Testing basic combat and character creation system with my brother, Ben. I’m not delving too much into the RP part of the RPG in this playtest round, this is mostly for math and stats.

I’m setting up just a basic character creation explanation. Currently, there aren’t too many abilities or actions to work with, just the basic stats and classes. Also setting up a basic dungeon with a couple slimes and like a goblin or two, pretty simple stuff. This is also a test for what actions should take up parts of the timer, which I’m still working on finalizing.

Character creation went well. Ben says it was pretty easy to understand and was really quick compared to DnD. He likes the stat system, partially because they get to the point pretty well.

The actual gameplay went fairly well for a first basic test, Ben said he had fun playing it. He liked how easy it was to get into and that you didn’t have to spend a lot of time on character creation. I made a small dungeon with a single slime and two goblins, where the goal of the quest was to find the sword in the center of some ruins. Just a very short run through of some of the game’s core mechanics.

After this round of play testing, I realize I really need to work on balancing enemy stats. Their defenses are far too low in some cases and their attacks can be pitiful. Then again, I’ll have to find a way to balance it for multiple player characters as well, not just for a single player.

I would say though, I think it went very well! We both had fun playing the game, even if it still needs a little bit of balancing. I now have a better idea of what exactly I need to keep developing and making stronger, as well as some new ideas I could employment to make the gameplay a more solid experience overall.

Current Thing I’m Working On:

  • Polishing enemy designs so I can make physical board pieces to use in quests.
  • General physical-piece creation.
  • I’ve added more detail to character stats, actions, and abilities, currently refining.
  • Revising some of the rules to make them more reader-friendly, as they might sound a little rambling or complicated.
  • Tossing around the possibility of a Neutral magical element just to make some things easier/make more sense.
  • Tweaking a lot of the defense system. I feel like the players are too vulnerable and the enemies are equally as vulnerable. These are bad for different reasons.
  • Working on creating a short base quest that first-time players can use, sort of like how the DnD Starter Set comes with the Lost Mines of Phandelver.
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One thought on “Countdown Quest Log 4

  1. I think it’s really great that you’re paying attention the balance in your game. While it might not matter to everyone, balance is definitely something that I personally appreciate in any game I play. More tweaks and play testing sounds like a good approach for clearing up any issues. I think it’s also important to try mechanics or stats that might sound questionable on paper, since they might turn out to be an interesting part of the game. If things go bad, you can always tweak/remove them.

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