This week I continued to work on the card art and continued to think about new cards that could make the gameplay more interesting. As of right now, the gameplay has a good core and is fundamentally sound. However, the two decks that I’m building are very basic. Besides the creatures, each deck is the same in terms of their gadget cards. Each deck has six draw gadgets, two of each type. The draw gadgets are “Discard your hand and draw 7”, “Draw 3”, and “Both you and your opponent shuffle your hands into your deck and draw 5.” Now these may be changed later, but for now that is what they do. They also have roughly the same regular gadget, except one deck has an egg incubator and the other has an advanced time beast searcher. I’ll go over the decks or at least one of them in another post.

Three draw card mockups. Ignore the costs as those have been changed

As of right now I’ve come up with two ideas for some interesting new cards that could be added to the mix. The first or I should say the first two, are healing cards. The first healing card would be a small card that heals 50 damage for no time cost. The second is a card that heals 80 from three of your time beasts for a cost of 2 time. Right now this is just a general idea for the healing cards. I basically want a card that can heal a Time Beast for free, and another that does a better job at healing, but costs more. Right now the amount of Time Beasts that can be on the field is six, but what if there was a card that costed a lot of time, but would increase the amount of time beasts you have out. I was thinking a card that there can only be 1 of in a deck and it would increase your bench size. It would have to be different than a gadget card as I wouldn’t want it to be searchable. The more I think about it, the less I like the idea but it’s worth a shot to try it out.

Also as I end this post I wanted to give a quick update on the art, I bumped up the size of the smaller text on the cards so it is easier to read now.

Cub Timeger

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