Mansion Expansion Play Test 2

We’re back again blog fans.  Today was a swell day, and we did some more 2-player play testing.  Before then, though, I made a BUNCH of changes to the game. In a normal situation I would attempt to avoid this, but I only get so much willing participation from my family members for play testing, so I just went for it.  Surprisingly, it all went really well!

Below are the changes I made for this round of play testing, and pictures to go with the list.

  • Changes Round 1:
    • Changed Bowling Alley to require Glass instead of 2nd Wood
    • Changed Patio to require Greenery instead of Metal
    • Introduced Garage as 5 value and moved Wine Cellar to 8
      • Changed objective to reflect that change
    • Introduced 19 more Resource cards to reduce amount of shuffling
      • Hopefully this also fixed the frequency of each
    • Introduced new objective to include Wine Cellar
    • Changed objectives to be worth 2 points/each Room
      • Want to know if no competition on 8 value cards is going to be an issue/help people win more easily
    • Created “cheat sheet” card for players
    • Eliminated “reserve” action, replaced with ability to sweep the rooms available to build and replace with new ones from the deck
    • Changed wild Resource requirement from 2 cards to 3 cards
    • Created a reference Room list

Then, there was play testing.  Below are the rough notes:

Second Play Test – 2 players, with my mom

  • Rules we played with:
    • 2 players:
      • New Room/New Resources
      • End = 10 Rooms, Need 4/4 Base Rooms
    • Started with 3 Resource cards each
  • Notes:
    • Took roughly 1 min to explain new rules
    • Took roughly 18 min to play
    • Ending Scores: 58 to 48
  • Room for improvement:
    • Need to specify who goes first
    • Maybe one more wood card/one less cloth
    • Felt frustrated when she couldn’t get wood and she spent the tile she needed for the kitchen
    • Says she wanted room list but then didn’t look at it once the whole game
      • “I still don’t think it’s bad to have”
    • I wish there was a better way to know how many rooms I had already built
  • What we like:
    • Likes the additional resource cards/being able to shuffle them/less turnover
    • Like the even number of rooms
    • Every time the game has ended with 10 vs 9 cards, a good ratio

Second (and a half) Play Test – 2 players, mom vs brother

  • Rules they played with:
    • 2 players rules
    • Started with 3 Resource cards each
  • Notes:
    • Took roughly 1 min to explain new rules
    • Took roughly 21 min to play
    • Ending Scores: 54 to 48
  • My Observations:
    • Hard to tell when a person’s turn has ended, not sure how to fix that but I would like to
    • I really like the 2 points for objectives, makes people actually go for them and it’s much more competitive
    • Ryan kept hoarding the cards… unsure of his strategy but he definitely has one, which is good.  He says the strategy is different than last time too, which I also like
    • Mom utilized the sweep action… I like it
  • Room for improvement:
    • Going to make a note that you can’t construct more than the max number of rooms.  It didn’t happen but it could
    • Apparently there was still a lack of tile in this game and last time
    • Also lack of wood/Extra cloth again
    • Ryan felt annoyed by the wood
    • Did not use the 3 for 1 rule, but I like that so I’m keeping it
  • What they like:
    • My mom lost with the new objective (no competition on the 8 room) so at least that confirms that it’s not too powerful
    • 9 Rooms to 10 Rooms which is good
    • Ryan’s strategy is to take all the base rooms
    • Love the garage
    • Ryan changed his mind on the starting with 2 Resources, wants to keep 3

In conclusion, I will probably be adding 1 Wood and 1 Tile card, and be removing 1 Cloth card.  I think at that point it will be pretty complete for what it is, and then if I want to add fancier expansion-type rules, I could experiment with that.  After I make those card changes, I will also play test with more players. Other than that though, the game is really coming along, and the next phase will be working on the art and instructions.  But that’s all for now!

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