Escape the Dungeon Progress Report 4/16 | Ben Attina

Parther: Jake French

Today Jake and I continued to work on our game Escape the Dungeon. We made changes to our game, such as making the tiles and cards smaller, adding character cards, adding chips meant for covering up item spaces, changed the exit space to a 6×6 tile to better match the other tiles. And then created a deck for room tiles with 12 of every regular and item room tile and 4 of every trade room tile. We also did the same for the item cards, having 10 of every normal item card, and 4 of the key cards in the pile. We still will set some keys aside for the trader spaces, and the steal card will now just be something that happens when a player trades for it, since saving a steal seems too strong since a player can wait until another player is about to win, and then use their steal card causing the game to also go on for much longer when it is already very long.

Our document with our notes from this Iteration:

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