Progress Report 04/15/2020

I am making a narrative game in the style of traditional top down RPG’s. Why am I making a narrative game? Because A.J. is trying to knock out two birds with one stone.

In my Asian American Studies class, I need to create a personal narrative for me final assignment. However, the fun thing about this assignment is that we cause use whatever medium we want to tell the story.

So I thought since I need to make a game and write a narrative story, I could combined my two projects into one.

Progress has been unbelievably quick. In less than 24 hours I have been able to make basic player movement and collision. Today I added loading between multiple scenes and thanks to code written for past projects, I was able to have a polished dialogue system in the game within the first few hours of prototyping.

Since I am able to wiz through the early stages of prototyping, this will leave me more time to make a semi polished experience by the end of the semester. I like to think of this project as a longer than usual game jam.

Challenges for myself

I think it’s safe to say I would be cheating if I wasn’t trying to make something I hadn’t previously made before. So for this project the big challenge is going to be:

  1. Actually finishing the project in less than a month. Quality will have to be sacrificed I think in the name of time.
  2. A branching dialogue system. Yes or no, prompts and responses from NPC’s according to those responses.
  3. A functional Inventory system.
  4. Quests/tasks that control progression of story.
  5. A save system that keeps track of all this.

God help me.

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One thought on “Progress Report 04/15/2020

  1. Loving the spirit here. Honestly though I’m already impressed, and eager to see what makes this story unique. I think your challenge, other than these technical issues, will be crafting a story that reflects your big personality. I only knew you (sorta kinda) for about 6 weeks, but I know you have so much energy and I’d be happy to see your game reflect that. I’m sure you’ll do a good job though, and I’m impressed with your 2-bird-killing.

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