Week 12: Iterative design and limited play testing

This week I am working on:

  • Incorporating an upside-down draw rule –

To create a greater range of numbers without more cards, I am thinking of creating a rule where if cards are drawn from the deck upside-down then the value of the card becomes negative. [ Ex:] Jane draws a card with the value 2 upside down. The card’s value is now -2.

  • Special cards should have more of a game-changing effect –

Special cards aren’t powerful enough and don’t have a big impact on the game. This week, I want to experiment with making them stronger. Maybe the special cards can negate the effects of the card weaknesses (?). The game still feels very simple. Additionally, I think the effect of stronger cards should be larger. Instead of just 1 point maybe it should be 2 or 3 instead. While doing limited playtesting I noticed the amount of cards in the deck is fine and the four categories of cards seems to be enough. I may add more special cards to the deck depending on future playtesting.

  • The current design of the cards is very simple. While I like the clarity and simplicity of the cards I don’t feel they fit an occult theme. This week I will create a better redesign. Here is an example I found online of the theme I want to achieve:

(Images taken from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck – drawings by Pamela Colman Smith & Mary Hanson-Roberts)

One thought on “Week 12: Iterative design and limited play testing

  1. The tarot idea is really cool, and being able to draw cards upside down and make them negative really draws on that. I think it would be really cool to have the elements of the minor arcana each play a different role in the game, while the major arcana have special power in the game. I’m not sure if your whole game is based in tarot or just the cards, but the idea is really cool either way!

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