After the design, I have taken the play-testing. On Sunday afternoon, I invited my friends to play the game. She likes this game. But in the process, we found some problems about the rules of skill cards. Some skill cards needed to be redesigned, and we also needed to add “safe” to give human players more chances to escape. We don’t have a good idea of how to improve zombie players’ attack skills. Next week I will continue to refine my game rules and cards.

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2 thoughts on “week12-play testing

  1. Hi Yuanyuan, I think you’re on the right track with the skill cards and adding “safe” to increase the chances of human players escaping. A game is much more fun when there is more complexity and it isn’t too hard for certain players to win or lose.

  2. Hello Yuanyuan, I really like the design and theme of your game. I think adding a “safe” mechanic is a step in the right direction to ensure balance. Overall, your prototype looks great so far.

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