Unnamed Tactics Game Miniatures

My goal with the miniatures was to give the game more personality instead of it being just a tactics game with tokens. Each faction has a common theme. The Foundry is futuristic and military-like, think closer to stormtroopers. you won’t see their personality in their armor. The Cult are supposed to look weak, and their infection is present in their horns, you should be able to see the infection and what they are trying to work towards. Finally, the Resistance is a minuteman like army with very little resources, so they are all wearing whatever they could find before they went out on this mission, armor isn’t really something they would have access to. I also took more goofy liberties with them because they are supposed to be the less rigid faction. The idea of uniformity with them is non-existent.

Phoenix Foundry

Cult of Thahbris


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