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Within this week, I got more details with my second idea of my game. Which people can easily play with poker at their homes. At first, a person who shuffles all the 54 cards and only turn over one card. The person gives each person 16 cards clockwise that the person who gets the only turned over one card can go first. If he wants to be the landlord or not, in the colorwise, each person has a term to call out to be the landlord. Once one person is the landlord that he would get six cards as his bouns cards and the other two will be citizens trying to win him.
There are rules while playing the poker and how they can bomb on their term to get the chance to get out first of the game. I’m still working to organize all the rules within this game. Two citizens are on the same side to beat the landlord.

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2 thoughts on “Game idea details

  1. Hi, Yuwen, It is a good idea. This is going to be a good game, there are a lot of ways to play poker, and in your game, I think it’s important to pay attention to how citizens attack. You can add different rules on each card. Obstructions and attacks are good points. That’s just my suggestion. Good luck. Look forward to your game.

  2. Hello Yuwen, I really like the idea of your game especially the idea of a landlord vs citizens. It is unique and has lots of potential. Card games are easy and fun to play with groups of people. I am looking forward to seeing more of your game.

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