AstroColonies – Specifics 2

Tiles and Exploring

Players earn explore tokens by claiming new tiles – one tile = 1 token. Tiles cost 2 of any resource to claim. On each tile you can only have one facility, so expanding your territory is important. You can trade 4 tokens for one explore card, or you can automatically gain an explore card by claiming one of the scattered prospect tiles on the board.

Explore cards can give a player a big advantage, earning them rewards such as facilities or greater space station capacity.


Objective cards are a big source of power for players, the first person to complete the card revealed from the top of the objective deck collects the card and earns 10 power. An objective, for example, would be getting one of each kind of facility. There are only 10 objective cards in a deck.


Soon I will begin testing, so I wanted to begin putting together the assets I need. Though at least for the first few playthroughs I’ll stick to flat placeholders, I wanted to see if it would be possible to have 3 dimensional tile pieces.

Using just standard line paper, I make a mini tile. If I were to apply this to actual pieces, it would be on a larger scale and on harder paper, but I was fairly excited at how it turned out despite not having the glue to keep it together.

One thought on “AstroColonies – Specifics 2

  1. The objective card is a really good idea. It’ll allow the players to be competitive towards a similar goal, but at the same time not force every player to work towards that goal as it is not the main objective. I also like how the mock up tiles look. Given the limited resources we have, the tiles are well made and look great. I wish you luck with playtesting in the future.

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