Progress Report 4.10.2020

Hello everyone! Hope you are staying safe. There have been alot of thing that have happened to me, and I haven’t had the time to jump in and write a post about what I have been doing. Today, I plan on fixing that.

I have spent the past 2 or 3 weeks, making various prototypes in my room. When making a new prototype I didn’t have one specific game I wanted to make in mind, rather I thought i’d give myself creative freedom and make a what ever I felt like, juggling multiple prototypes at once, and bouncing between them when i felt like it. The results are 3 unfinished prototypes that I would like to display one today.


Mole girl was a game idea I had a while back about a girl who could burrow into the dirt with a drill like hat she wore.

Originally I got the idea from the Drill power-up in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where Mario would dig straight down into the ground and could pop up in little pockets underground or on the other side of planetoids.

In this iteration of the idea, Mario could only move in a straight line, and I wanted to let the player move in 360 degrees.

I began constructing a prototype where there were two states the player could be in, surfaced and burrowed. When surfaced the player moves in a typical 2d platformer fashion. Burrowed the player moves forward, using the angel calculated by the player’s joystick to aim the direction you want to move it.

Burrowing is yet to be programmed, but surfaced movement and the pre-drill state are almost entirely programmed.


I wanted to make a more interesting camera for this project, than ones I have made before. See normally you can keep the focus of the player in the center of the screen, but other times the camera needs to deviate or change it’s focus to help the player see what’s coming.

In a game were the player is burrowing underground, there are two big blind spots for them if the camera keeps the player center. The top, and bottom of the screen. To accommodate this, I created a camera that forward focuses, meaning whichever direction the player is traveling the camera will read that input and move head of the player to help give them plenty of foresight into what’s ahead.

The MoleGirl prototype is far from being finished, but even so early in it’s concept we can see how much game design is going into the prototype. Player movement, a project direction to aim for, camera controls, and player states. With more time, this will be an awesome game one day.

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One thought on “Progress Report 4.10.2020

  1. Hi, AJ. Hope all is well. I think it’s a great game concept. It’s a fun game. For your game design, I think programming is going to be the hard part. Everything is going well. I don’t have any suggestions. Everything is in progress. You will add more details in the future. I’m looking forward to your game.

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