AstroColonies – Specifics 1

The objective of the game is to collect as much power as possible, and the game ends when the resource deck is gone. Power is collected through facilities, objective cards, and explore cards.


The resources in this game will be Rations, Tech, Oxygen, Metal, and Nylon. Each player will start the game with two of each resource, and gather more through dice rolls and facilities. For example, if you roll your two D6s and roll a total of 6, you can gather up to a total of 6 of any of the resources.


Every player starts out with a space station. Each space station has a capacity of 6 facilities, and you need to build new space stations to expand your capacity.

There are x number of facilities that are worth a certain number of power. Some can earn you a number of resources every round, and buildings high in power will require a ‘maintenance’ cost each round.

  • Habitat 1 power (Requires 2 metal and 2 ration to build)
  • Utility center 2 power (Requires 3 oxygen and 2 nylon to build)
  • Research station 2 power: +2 tech every round (Requires 4 tech and 2 metal to build)
  • Greenhouse 2 power: +2 rations every round. (Requires 4 rations and 2 tech to build)
  • Quarry 2 power: +2 metal every round (Requires 4 metals and 2 nylon to build)
  • Resource extraction center 2 power: +2 nylon every round (Requires 4 nylon and 2 oxygen to build)
  • Oxygen system 2 power: +2 oxygen every round (Requires 4 oxygen and 2 rations)
  • Water recycling center 3 power (Requires 3 tech, 2 metal, and 1 nylon to build)
  • Storage facility 4 power: -1 metal every round. (Requires 2 oxygen, 3 tech, and 2 rations to build)
  • Communication station 4 power: -1 tech every round (Requires 3 nylon, 2 tech, and 1 metal to build)
  • Space Station 8 power: -1 nylon, -1 tech, -1 metal, -1 ration, -1 oxygen every round (requires 4 nylon, 4 tech, 4 metal, 4 rations, and 4 oxygen to build)

One thought on “AstroColonies – Specifics 1

  1. Overall, I think the idea is really interesting. I like the idea of adding facilities to your space station, and I really like the idea of being able to build more space stations. Something that I’m still a little bit curious about is how players receive more resources through die rolls. To me, it seems that a turn in which a player rolls a 12 will much, much better than a turn in which they roll a 2. I think this introduces a lot of uncertainty to the game, which may or may not be a good thing. I look forward to the results of your playtests!

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