Week 11 Game Pitch

Entry made on March 31st.

Today I met with my partner and we discussed our game. I pitched the idea I had come up with about a mystery type game where players pursue secret objectives and we refined and discussed until we had an idea that we liked. We liked the idea I pitched but since the concept was broad, it was difficult to start to work out specifics of the game. The biggest problem was the secret objectives and how we could make them translate to a board game, so much to the point that we decided to drop the idea for now.

Working Game Name: Escape The Dungeon!

We want to make a game for players that gives the experience of mystery, exploration, and item pick-ups. Each player has a character(s) they need to help escape; but any player can move any character. Characters find items required to escape. Traps can kill characters and if all a player’s characters die, then they’re out.

Theme: Tabletop miniatures

Win Conditions: 

  • 1. One of your characters escapes
  • 2. You trap and kill all other player’s characters.

What a Turn Looks Like: A player rolls 2 dice. They can move one character with each dice. If they roll double (ex: two 3’s ) they can move 1 character the total of both dice. When a player enters a doorway, they draw a board piece from the pile and choose it’s orientation. If they land on an item space, they draw a random item.

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