Card Creation, Finally

We’re back again blog fans.  Today, lots of progress was made, and there will be lots of pictures to prove it.  For starters, I created 3 new rooms and adjusted the objectives, also adding one more for variety.

I’m anxious to see how the objectives are going to play out because I’m not sure if there’s too much competition, or just enough.  I had to add Gym to the last objective to make it even with the rest of them in point value, so we may run into issues if all three objectives that have Gym are in play at once.  Also though, we may not and it might not even make a big difference. To be seen later.

Next, I began to make the cards.  They’re ugly, yes, but art is not my strong suit so take that for what it’s worth.  I tried real hard and am excited to play test with them, especially to see if I have the right number of each.  I’m assuming that’s something I’ll have to adjust later, but this is the result for now based on what rooms need what resources. Also the colors of each card mean nothing, it’s just the cardstock I had available at home.

If anyone reads this maybe let me know what you would envision as images/symbols for any of the rooms or any of the resources; I kind of just went for it.  Then next stop: play testing round 1. But that’s all for now!

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