An Initial Game Idea

This entry was made on March 29th 2020

Today, I had some thoughts about an idea for a my game for the final project. I haven’t given this too much thought as it is something I wish to take the base idea of and present to my partner on Tuesday and then we can discuss and see if we both like the idea and if we can even possibly make it work.

  • The main idea is a game where a group of players follows a main objective but some players (maybe everyone) have their own different objectives that they have to do to win.
  • These Alternative objectives would have to be similar to the main goal so the players have the ability to do them discreetly.

This idea for a game would most likely fall under the theme of tabletop miniatures. Since it would involve players moving characters around a board.

The Alternative objectives is an idea I really like but I believe would be difficult to make work, especially as a core element of the game when the other specifics have yet to be thought of, and I’d personally like to avoid the game needing a system like the night system in werewolf or a game master to run the game.

One thought on “An Initial Game Idea

  1. I think this is a great idea to toy around with! it would be something complex to figure out, but I’m sure you have the time and resources to do so. Possibly this is a situation where objectives are assigned so that the game van still stay on some sort of path? There could be a lot of different possibilities if there were several cards with “game objectives” that each player picked at random before starting the game. I think in a situation like this, the biggest thing to figure out from the beginning is whether or not every player has the same end goal. If the answer is yes, It will be easier to design different “objectives” that lead to the same final destination. I’m also saying all this while knowing that you know these things as well… I’m sure you’ve put plenty of thought into this game structure already, but just in case, here are my thoughts on it! Good luck with this idea!

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