Extreme Survival

The game starts with four players, two zombies and two humans, three lives for each character, and two different cards for each identity. Game props will use a paper clip map at the same time, and each point on the map to set requirements to players, for example, through the roll the dice, the player as zombies and the human will be according to the dice to move the corresponding steps, according to the requirements in the current grid – attacking zombies or human, pick up equipment, gain skills such as hand, offensive end of each round, players will have two new hands. When a player with a human identity draws an item card called a board, he can specify the point at which the zombie moves. When humans and zombies meet on the map by rolling dice, humans can only defend, and zombies can only attack. If the cards do not meet the requirements, one of them will lose his life. When the total number of human lives is lost, humans automatically become zombies. Note that zombies in the game can only destroy each other by hand (because the number of zombies will increase due to the failure of players — humans). Therefore, only by killing all zombies can players win for humans. If a human has no life, a request can be made to a fellow human to donate a life, or to increase it by decrypting the question. Note that every life lost by a human will automatically add another life to the zombie.

victory conditions

Zombies kill all humans or humans kill all zombies. The game is over when everyone Hit Points are zero.


Be the last survivor.

Competition and cooperation experience will bring great fun to players.

emotional reaction

Players will reach their final goal through strategic tactics, they will feel nervous and interesting. The unique game mode will increase the interaction between players.

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