game title:

Extreme Survival

The description of the game background

In this world, there is a sudden outbreak of a virus, and the virus is contagious. Zombies appear because of the spread of the virus. Humans can become zombies or die if they are infected. Zombies are also the vectors of the virus, and if attacked by zombies, humans will mutate. In order to survive, humans need to fight zombies and become survivors.

The description of the game

The idea of the game comes from the Resident Evil movie. There are already video games in the Resident Evil series. The experience that the game brings to the player is tension and fear. In all the games I make, players will also feel nervous. Because players need to collide and cooperate with each other. Players are divided into two groups, one for the zombie team and one for the human team. They will chase each other to achieve their goals. The human team needs to take action against the zombie team in order to survive. In order to make the game have a turn-based mechanism, the player will have three health points, the game is over when the HP is zero.

Virus and zombie themes have always been popular with audiences. Through this game, players are encouraged to cooperate and help each other to achieve common goals. Competition and cooperation is a game experience that players value very much, and it is also an important factor for games to attract players.

The detailed game description I will place in the next post.

Victory conditions

Zombies kill all humans or humans kill all zombies. The game is over when everyone Hit Points are zero.

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