Tactics Gamepitch (Title WIP)

Backstory: It’s the year 2040, 15 years after the outbreak of the virus. The last remnants of society battle over a cure. Humanity has divided itself into three factions. The Phoenix Foundry a militaristic group that established law and order after the outbreak. The Resistance a rowdy group of rebels who want to free the people from the Foundry’s influence. Finally, The Cult of Thahbris a group of people who believe the virus is the next form of human evolution and believe in letting it run its course through everyone.

The Game: This game is a 1v1v1 turn based tactics game with shifting alliances and one objective to capture the cure. The game is played in a raid format as the revolutionaries and cultists initially attempt to siege a Foundry facility. Each group has their own motivations, the Foundry needs to control the cure so they can remain in control of the people, the revolutionaries want to capture it to bolster their support against the foundry, and the cult wants to destroy the cure because it is the antithesis to everything they believe in. To win the game the Phoenix Foundry has to remain in control of the cure for 10 rounds and at the end of the 10h round they win the game. The Cult/Resistance need to capture the virus and return to their begin area survive for 3 turns and exfiltrate, upon doing so they win the game. Each player controls a small army of units, the Cult/Resistance each have 4 units on their team, and the Foundry has 6 units chosen from 5 classes. The classes are Sniper (long ranged scouts,) Vanguard (CQC experts,) Medic (Healer and support,) Assault (jack of all trades,) and finally Specimen X (special.) A round is divided up into three turns, one for each of the factions. Each unit on the map has two action points to be spent on a set of actions. There are basic actions that every class has (shoot/melee, move, reload, etc.) and there are special actions unique to each class.

This is as far as I have gotten work-wise. I’m open to suggestions, and I need help coming up with ways to make every game unique.

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  1. Love the premise as always Omar. You’re a man with a tireless imagination. Maybe you’ve started laying out how things will appear on the tabletop in a more recent post that I’ve not seen? If not, that’s a great place to go next. The lore is amazing: What does the gameplay that it supports look like?

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