Game Brainstorming -final project2

According to the previous post I mentioned. The Star Wars is a game that has a variety of characters, the highlight is decent and villain, I get inspiration from here is to design a similar content war board games, such as the characters in the resident evil, equipment, zombie number through the cards. Players draw lots to determine the characteristics, and the game matches a rough map to indicate which level to proceed to. By rolling dice and drawing cards, players can obtain equipment, such as pistols, healing drugs, and other supplies. When a human player rolls the dice to determine whether he or she will encounter a zombie, if he or she does, attack or defend with a hand card, a series of levels will also have decryption questions to obtain special items, or decryption questions to directly defeat the zombie. The player’s goal is to be a survivor.
To sum up, I decided on my theme and the background of the game.

The Star Wars
Resident Evil

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