Week 9 – Brainstorming

I would like to do something similar to battleship because it is my favorite tabletop game, so the cold war theme would be the most obvious but the themes that seem more interesting are quantified-self, feminist thought, or genre-blending.
In Addition, to have the goal of ‘ships’ on the board, the players would place mines or something. Like battleship meets minesweeper?


I am now focusing on doing a play on ‘Guess Who?’ with a feminist twist. The characters will be a varied range of males and females that include short descriptions, like age, occupation, marriage status, number of children, average wage. These will try to pinpoint the flaws of our own biases of our associations. Like how a doctor is often assumed to be male while a nurse is female or how a stay-at-home spouse is often thought to be female.

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