Game Pitch – AstroColonies

In the distant future where humanity has begun to conquer space, you and up to three other people are tasked with inhabiting a new planet. Compete and trade with each other to build the most power.

At the start of a game everyone gets a set number of resources in addition to their dice roll, putting whichever resources they need up to the number they rolled in their hand. Each player has the objective of collecting resources, both from the dice roll at beginning of every turn as well as specialized facilities you can invest in, and building as many habitats as possible. Certain buildings can also give you certain bonuses, such as a Research Station which doubles the effect of explore cards.

A rough example of a game board

Expand your territory by using your assets to claim tiles, giving you more land to build on and earning you explore cards that can hold benefits to you or drawbacks to your opponents. Each building type is worth a certain number of points, and whoever earns the largest number of points at the end of a game is victorious!

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