Final project brainstorming

For my final project, I have several ideas and theme and I’m still deciding which one I want to use for the final project.
First, I want to make a board game on the competition within three countries. My idea came from records of the three kingdoms. I will be designing my game differently that I want to make my game easier to understand and simplify the game content. It took place in 220-280AD and is based on Chinese history. Based on each country, they had different combat effectiveness and army and cities they own in their country. There are protagonists, anti-thief, loyal ministers, traitors. The game consists of 33 generals of the Three Kingdoms, 10 cities of the Three Kingdoms, 7 types of the Three Kingdoms arms and some basic equipment such as equipment, planning, combat, conspiracy, etc. A total of 234 cards. At the end of the game, which country had the most cities wins.
Another board game is more for family and friends to play, they can use poker to play. This game can have 3 people at a time. A total of 54 cards each term will be a landlord and other people are civilians. Everyone gets 16 cards and the other 6 cards are for the landlord. They look over their cards to decide if they want to be the landlord. The person who gets out the first wins.
I will keep working and brainstorming on my final project.

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One thought on “Final project brainstorming

  1. Hi Yuwen, I think so far you have some really great ideas!

    For the first idea I like how it’s based on Chinese history and you’re making it a battle to win cities. I like the list of characters and with the large number of cards you can make the game into a really interesting strategic game. Your most difficult challenge I think would be to come up with whatever comes in the cards so that the game would be equally challenging for players.

    The second idea also sounds great so far. I like how you can choose to be a landlord or civilian each turn. I’m looking forward to more details on this idea soon, if you choose to follow along with it!

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